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I am a PhD student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University, where I study learning and memory under the supervision of Dr. Caleb Kemere in the Realtime Neural Engineering Lab.

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My name is Etienne and I am from South Africa. I am studying a combination of electrical engineering and neuroscience (neuroengineering) and I am specifically interested in learning and memory.

I am an AFOL (adult fan of LEGO); but perhaps more accurately I am an LFOL (life-long fan of LEGO). I have a deep appreciation for artifice, legerdemain, and cardistry, but I am not particularly skilled in any of these domains (yet).

I also enjoy building fine scale models, especailly models of wooden tall ships, and the HMS Endeavour holds a special place in my heart. Other favorites include the USS Constitution ("Old ironsides"), the HMS Victory (of course!), and the HMS Bounty.

To know more, invite me for (good) coffee on or around campus! Also feel free to visit my About me page.

In the faith of high adventure, in the joy of high endeavor, in the hope of high achievement...

Edgar Odell Lovett (first president of the Rice Insitute)
October 12, 1912